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What are the pros and cons of WordPress multisite?

If you have several websites in your control, all using WordPress, setting up a WordPress multisite may be worth considering. The possibility to use such a multisite has been offered since WordPress 3.0. This article will tell you more about how this works and about the pros and cons of a WordPress multisite.

How a WordPress multisite works

As the name suggests, a WordPress multisite offers the possibility to manage multiple websites from the same management panel. Among others, WordPress itself makes use of this feature! The different blogs created with a domain name are managed from the same system. Each of the websites affiliated with a WordPress multisite has its own folder of files. In doing so, they are added to their own table in a central database.

The use of a WordPress multisite is ideal for administrators of a large number of websites in WordPress. For the visitors of these websites, it is not visible that a multisite WordPress is used. Each website has its own domain name and can, if desired, be decorated with its own template.

Benefits of a WordPress multisite

The main advantage of a WordPress multisite is obviously the ability to manage everything at once. Also, a WordPress multisite offers the possibility to exchange plug-ins and templates between different websites without installing them separately in your systems. Here lies the great strength of a WordPress multisite. By standardizing the websites as much as possible, it is possible to make all websites up-to-date at once. If you would use different templates and plug-ins on the websites, updating them could also affect other websites. These will temporarily go into maintenance mode.

Tip: use a WordPress multisite to manage a network of affiliate websites or informative websites! These websites are often very similar. Besides, the template used has a lesser impact on these websites’ results than a webshop or corporate website.

Disadvantages of WordPress multisite for website owners

Although it can be very nice to manage a website from one system, it can also be a disadvantage. Because everything is linked together, damage to one website can affect other websites. After all, all websites are added to the same database. Hacking the central database can affect all connected websites. Something less likely to be the case with individual websites in WordPress.